TIER Marketing, LLC is a veteran and minority owned company committed to helping local business owners achieve their individual marketing goals that stand to significantly impact their business. We have the experience and resources to meet or exceed realistic goal-oriented marketing requirements such as; getting more customers, clients or patients, more leads, managing and improving online reputation, enhancing website presence, improve search rankings, provide managed social media services, among others. We understand each business has its own specific marketing needs. This is why our strategies and services are individually tailored for each business.
We provide consultation and guidance to help identify where the marketing emphasis and focus should be targeted. Our ultra-friendly staff is also happy to assist and answer any questions. We are here to build that path to help take your business towards your specific goals.
We are focused in the Healthcare and Automotive Dealership industries; however we will help any business that is Willing, Ready and Able to start down that path that will achieve further growth and prosperity for their company or organization.
One of the most important objectives to you as a business owner is to ensure your business remains profitable. In today’s digital marketing world, it has become increasingly difficult to remain competitive if a business does not remain current in it’s marketing and advertising efforts. The reality over the last few years has been that effectively marketing and advertising for your business is no longer sufficient by just having your business name or ad in the yellow pages.
TIER Marketing recognizes that you are the expert in your field and it’s where your focus should be.  Let us be the professionals you seek that will help position your business thrive above your competitors.

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Business Owner: “What am I doing wrong?”

Whether you are a law firm, dental practice, restaurant, auto repair shop or any other type of business, a straight-forward methodology of keeping your business profitable just does not exist in today’s world of technology. The traditional marketing efforts such as newspaper, yellow pages, billboards, magazines and mass mailings still have a place in the grand scheme of things when done properly. However it’s realistic to say that your customers or clients are not heavily focused searching throughout the city looking for your billboard, waiting for your mailed advertisement or even looking for your specific business in the yellow pages. Your potential customer or client is engaged utilizing the Internet (Example: local search, reviews, press releases, etc.) and visiting social media outlets (Example: Facebook, Twitter and others inquiring with friend and family) where they are looking for referrals, recommendations, etc. on specific products and services. Let us be your eyes and ears on the digital highway to begin paving a path people can find to your business.

Business Owner, I started my business with traditional marketing efforts.

Today this is still a major reason why many a business-owner has remained stagnate and unable to further grow their company.

Ask yourself this, “do you have the means of tracking the results of your marketing campaigns?” Whether you use mass mailings, commercials, billboards or even the yellow pages, there is no way to identify what’s working and how effective any of those actually are. Obviously it’ll be quite apparent what doesn’t work, but what about any that are marginally effective? How do you track that? Imagine the hundreds or thousands of dollars you could be saving your business if you were able to track which campaigns were working in your favor and which were ineffective. Lack of this information can be costing your business significant dollars. TIER Marketing can provide you with insight and offer a customized strategy that is packaged specific to your business to alleviate blind marketing expenses.

We Ask Business Owners These Few Questions, BUT take this time to ask yourself:

1. Do you consider your business a market leader in your local area?

2. What are you doing to differentiate your business from that of your competitors?

3. Are you aware there are people locally looking for your specific products and/or services?

4. If someone is looking for your type of service or product, do you know whether they are able to find your business?

5. Do you know what people are saying online (if anything) about your business?

Note: If you don’t know, don’t you think you should?

6. If people cannot find your company online, then where do you suppose all of that business is going?

Let me answer Questions #6 for you….“your competitors”.

Stop wasting time on methods that have not yielded any proven results for your company. Explore our website and visit “Our Services” area to gain a detailed understanding of what TIER Marketing is comprised of. We will help your company achieve new levels of success it deserves. Give us a call so we can begin this journey together.

To Your Business Success!

The TIER Marketing Team


Lou Silva

Lou Silva - Founder

Vanessa Guzman - VP of Sales/HIPAA Officer

Vanessa Guzman - VP of Sales/HIPAA Officer

Sam Silva

Sam Silva - Web Creative Services Designer


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What Sets Us Apart?

Contact us to find out what makes us different from others. You deserve the newest and most innovative ways to help promote and grow your business. There are a number of complexities as it relates to properly and wisely market a business. The good news is, no longer do you need to try and figure this out by yourself. Let us guide you through this process. Let’s be partners through this journey. As your trusted adviser in these matters, our ultimate goal is to help your business achieve the level of growth and success you seek. Here at TIER Marketing this is our commitment to you.