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Mobile Marketing For Business Owners

Cellphones have come a long way since they were introduced back in the early 1990’s. It is imperative to know the phenomenon that cellphones are initiating as the 21st century emerges and how to properly take advantage of ...

Mobile Website For Local Businesses

If your business already has a website, you understand the value of having a presence on the Internet. However, did you know your business is losing money by not having a Mobile Website? Click Learn More to find out more.

Text Messaging For Local Businesses

Looking for an innovative way to reach out to your market? If so, consider using SMS text messaging services. Text messages can be sent offering your service or product while at the same time using a marketing strategy that ...


TIER Marketing - Need more clients or patients?

Needing more clients or patients is the reality for many business owners in today's economy.  It's not an easy proposition to operate in a manner in which there is still uncertainty as to what the future may hold for many type of businesses.  Whether you run a law firm, dental practice, restaurant, auto repair shop, or other type of business; there is simply no guidance or clearly laid out path to follow for the majority of business owners where your marketing efforts can be cost effective and profitable.  There is still the traditional Newspaper advertisement, Yellow Pages, Billboards, Radio, TV, Magazine, and Mass Mailings available to you.  However know your business using traditional methods is simply not effective in today's digital world known as the Internet.  By not leveraging the many potentials of the Internet to market your business, your company is missing out on significant business.  We are in the Digital/Electronic Age and which brings an enormous opportunity for you to take advantage of its marketing potential.  Your clients or patients are looking for your products and/or services here.

We are here to help.  Let me say that again, "we are here to help" you maximum your business presence in the Digital World and help you reach your business goals.  Go to our "What We Offer" page to find out more, then Call Us!

Tracking Your Marketing Efforts

Ask yourself this, if you are currently marketing your business in the traditional methods, do you have a means of tracking how well or how bad your marketing campaigns are going?  The answers are most likely a resounding "No".  The ability to track your marketing campaigns is an important and crucial element in today's newer marketing strategies.  By not having this capability, you are marketing blindly.

We Ask Business Owners These Few Questions

1. Do you consider your business a market leader in your local area?

2. What are you doing to differentiate your business from that of your competitors?

3. Are you aware there are people locally looking for your specific products and/or services?

4. If someone is looking for your type of service or product, do you know whether they are able to find your business?

5. Do you know what people are saying online (if anything) about your business?  (If you didn't know...this is HUGE!)

6. If people can't find your company online, then where do you suppose all of that business is going?  You guessed it. YOUR COMPETITORS!

The good news is you can start today to begin changing this pattern.  Go through our website to better familiarize yourself with what is going on in today's local market, and how we can help.

Stop wasting time on methods that have not yielded any positive results for your company.  We invite you to take a leap of faith with us, and start this journey which we will guide you throughout by giving us a call.

To Your Business Success!

The TIER Marketing Team


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