Auto SyndicationOur Automotive Syndication service is available for both Independent and Franchise automotive dealerships that are ready to position their dealership on a much bigger scale. Meaning, your entire inventory will be syndicated onto the top 5 most visited website in the world: YouTube, Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter and eBay. This strategy will invite a whole “new crowd” of buyers to your dealership with big brand results at a fraction of the cost. The more exposure your dealership receives means more leads, more profit, save time, save money and increase revenue!

Extend you reach by utilizing the full potential of automotive syndication. Whether you wish to syndicate all or part of your inventory, this service is an effective means of moving those vehicles that have been sitting in your lot longer than originally forecasted.



Main Features (for “each” vehicle in your inventory):

 1. A 60 second unique video              2. Custom Voice Over

 3. Embedded Contact Info                 4. Customized Landing Page

 5. Mobile-Friendly Page                      6. Credit Application

 7. Schedule Test Drive                         8. Unique Phone Number

 9. Advanced Call Tracking                 10. Call Recording

11. Ad Tracking Analytics                     12. Views, Uniques, Conversions

13. SMS Lead Notifications                  14. Lead Data Information

15. Tacked to Ad                                    16. Tracked to Vehicle

17. Tracked to Phone                             18. Lead CRM Export

19. Ad Success Reports                        20. Email Lead Follow-Up

21. Custom Inventory FM App             22. Social Inventory Promotion

23. Smart Posting Tool                          24. Craigslist Posting Analysis

25. Budget Management                      26. And more…

With automotive syndication you can feel confident your inventory will have that added boost of getting seen by more local buyers.