keyboardAt a minimum, any business that wishes to be found on the Internet must have the following pieces just a start being competitive with others in the same industry or just to be found online.

** Responsive Website Design, Creation & Hosting **

No matter the type of business you operate, you need a website to begin your journey of attracting more clients. Better yet, if you don’t have a website you should highly consider having what’s called a “responsive website“. A responsive website is one in which your website can easily be seen whether someone is looking at it from their Desktop, Smartphone, iPad or Tablet. A responsive website will automatically resize itself to the proper font size depending on the type of browser being use. You should never have to squint your eyes when viewing a responsive website. Your company website should also aesthetically look pleasing to the eyes and easy for your visitors to navigate through. These are two key factors in order to keep potential visitors interested in wanting to stay longer on your website to learn more of what you have to offer.

** Mobile Website & Hosting **

If you already have a website, that’s great! However if your website is not “responsive” as described above and you wish to keep using it, you must choose an alternative to satisfy today’s Search Engine demands to provide their customers (this includes you and I) the best possible service. What this means is instead of replacing your website, you can choose to have a mobile website created to satisfy Search Engine requirements. Otherwise your website will take a hit (i.e. get penalized) by declining in the Search Engine rankings. It’s possible the decline could be significant. Because of what’s happened in the Search Engine over the last couple of years, it no longer makes any sense to remain neutral on this if you wish to continue to remain competitive in your local market. If you remember anything from this page, please remember this…“everything from a digital marketing presence is going towards mobile.” Click here to learn more on mobile marketing.

** SEO Marketing **

Let’s just say it….”without any form of SEO marketing on your website, your business simply won’t be found whenever people are searching for your product or service.” Search engine optimization (SEO) is simply a must if there’s any chance your site is going to be found on the Internet. When done correctly your website will benefit from the free traffic and advertising it will receive online. To ignore this vital portion can result in a loss of free traffic and advertising plus decline of any significant ranking your website might be in a position to take advantage of. Additional information can be found by clicking here.

** Reputation Marketing & Management **

One of the things that has changed in today’s consumer market is that people are very active online and giving reviews on products or services they have purchased. So what does this mean? It means that regardless if your business provided a pleasant or an unpleasant experience with anyone having paid or purchased something from you, there is a high probability they will submit a review of that experience. Statistically online reviews go up if the experience was a bad one. Even if your business has no reviews on the Internet, it can still hurt your business. For example who would you select; a business with positive reviews or another with no reviews at all? Our reputation marketing & management platform is tops in its class. Our reputation marketing & management platform is tops in the industry. We help you with best practices on how to get positive online reviews for your business, and we monitor this online activity and provide you with weekly or monthly reports. Click here to learn more.

** List Building **

List Building is often something the majority of business owners overlook. How many people go to your place of business for the first time, and then you never see again? Unless you are doing something to capture that customer or client’s information, you just may have lost a future potential sale(s).