Before we can initiate any of these strategies for your business, it is recommended that you have the “Basic Must Haves” in place prior. The level of services in this area will not only elevate your digital presence in your local market, but your business will be utilizing the most effective marketing strategies and services available today for business owners. We are not suggesting your business needs every service in this area, but with private consultation and an understanding of where you see your business long-term, we can develop a targeted marketing agenda specifically tailored to your realistic goals towards growth and prosperity.

** Ringless Voicemail **

Imagine being able to send a single message to a specific list of customers in just a matter of seconds? The traditional contact method of calling existing customers or prospects has always been an arduous, mundane effort. Most calls result in bad timing for the recipient, never-ending voicemail talk, being disconnected, etc. Calling each individual customer on upcoming opportunities can also take away from the importance of tending to prospective customers that are already present at your business.

Ringless Voicemail is a strategic angle of marketing your business in a “non-intrusive” means by contacting new/past customers without ever having to manually call each one by one and placing contact. This service allows you the ability to place a voicemail message (from your existing customer list) into their mobile/land lines without their phone ever ringing.

How does this differ from text messaging and automated cold-calling? With Ringless Voicemail, although the recipient’s phone does not ring, they will be alerted that a new voicemail is waiting in their inbox.  The action of Ringless Voicemail will mimic a missed call, and since the message isn’t automated by a bot, but of a real live person from your office, the call-to-action increases. This service has a proven response rate of more than 80% since 95% of users check their voicemail.

*100% TCPA, FCC and CRTC compliant.

** SMS Text Messaging **

This technology is relevant for those who prefer communication through the text method. We operate this service in full accordance to all federal, state and local laws. When planned properly, this strategy is simply tremendous for businesses. It allows the means to quickly build a large customer list that can be used to offer specials or promotional discounts.

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** Email Marketing **

This approach has evolved in recent years since “spam” has essentially filtered out any emails being transmitted that appear to be promotional or junk-looking.  This strategy has become more of a science than a skill as to how to effectively execute an email campaign. By applying this service to an existing customer list where you submit informative and beneficial content vs. constant sales tactics, your campaigns no longer mimic a “robotic, spam-generating” email machine. Your prospects and customers can expect to receive emails wishing them happy holidays, seasonal promotions and specials, educational content, information based on purchases they’ve made, etc. Other factors that affect a successful email marketing campaign are the number of times one is submitted, time of the day, etc.

** Social Media **

Our team of social media experts have extensive knowledge in Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn. Social media is a hub for engaging with real-time customers all over the world. It is the largest podium where businesses have the opportunity to scream and shout about their brand. Although some businesses believe they need to conquer all social media outlets, it isn’t always necessary. For example, if your products and services generate business-to-business transactions, then your social media efforts would generate a better response from LinkedIn vs. Instagram, in some cases. Our team of professionals can assist in creating schedules with effective campaigns that will generate traffic and engagement all while increasing conversions generating business growth and revenue. This is a huge area with great potential for businesses.  The problem that many business owners face is not allocating enough time to see their campaigns through. Social media is a constant engagement effort from a business standpoint. A business cannot expect to gain momentum by ceasing campaigns and engagement. We have the skills and staff to either begin or carry on your efforts so that you can continue doing what you’re great at… operating your business!

** Press Releases **

This strategy of marketing can be huge for a business! In today’s digital world, small to medium-size businesses now have the opportunity to submit Press Releases at an affordable price and broadcast their stories to hundreds of media outlets. From new products and services to grand-openings and partnerships, businesses have the opportunity to showcase developments within their company that could essentially set them apart in their industry. An additional incentive to this service is that the exposure can enhance your digital presence improving your search rankings within the Search Engines based on specific keywords and phrases used in your Press Release. This angle can be a significant game changer for your business!

** Social WiFi HotSpots **

How many businesses offer free WiFi to the public without asking for any kind of consumer information? Now, how many of those businesses know they are letting important and useful consumer information just slip through their fingers?  This strategy can be highly effective when leveraged appropriately.  This social engaging platform will capture email addresses of anyone using your WiFi network. Each email address captured is an invitation to promote your business further with future promotions, specials and events. This service will also capture your customers’ favorite social media outlets and gather valuable information such as gender, age and hometown. This useful information allows businesses to evolve their marketing efforts around the demographics their business is capturing through their Social WiFi HotSpot (i.e. targeted campaigns, frequently visited social media sites, etc.).

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** Video Marketing **

YouTube has revolutionized video marketing as we know it! Whether it is an explanation of your products and services or informative content, you are adding a visual and audio element to your brand where your site visitors can receive information that could potentially sway them towards a purchase from your business. This strategy is increasingly effective when you are able to gain video reviews from your satisfied customers. Video marketing is an avenue that can generate increased consumer engagement as your videos are shared and posted on other supporting sites.

** Web Chat **

Increase conversions (phone calls, visits to your business, etc.) with Web Chat which allows instantaneous, anonymous communication from your prospects and customers visiting your website. What happens to your website visitors when they want to receive additional information about your products and services, but are not ready for a phone conversation? Yes, you guessed it… they are leaving your website and looking for your competitors.  What is the probability of your visitors converting into real customers when their concerns are met with peace of mind through an instant web chat session with your business? Again, you guessed it, a much higher probability!

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