1st Engage Service1st Engage Service In the healthcare industry, patient referrals are one of the most important components in operating a successful practice. With the changing climate in the industry, physicians are now required to explore various strategies to increase patient referral opportunities. However, most do not have a viable solution and sufficient resources to properly and efficiently execute this type of strategy.

This is where we can help!

We have executed a system tailored for Specialists in search of PCP/Other Specialty Physician referrals. Our solution will help overcome the shortcomings of previous referral methods that no longer work. We have the solution in place to turn this strategy into a viable, revenue generating resource for your practice, clinic or hospital organization.

This service adds a very unique touch to promoting your practice. Our Field Associates provides a friendly, professional face directly in front of healthcare providers you are seeking referrals from. We utilize our team of professional-looking, friendly-approaching Referral Engagement campaigns to visit and offer a token of appreciation to each healthcare provider you are interested in targeting. Our campaigns have included tokens such as donuts, candy jars and gift bags along with your business card, leaflets, brochures, etc. While some referrals are immediate, others can take several campaigns and/or follow-ups (*See 1st Engage Part II Service below) before a targeted provider submits referrals your way. By remaining a constant and offering a token of appreciation to each visit, your return on investment can potentially pay off significantly (*See our ROI chart on 1st Engage vs. Direct Mail Campaign)!

As a final benefit to the Care Specialist, an online portal is provided in which your referrals and non-referrals are encouraged to submit reviews on the services and treatment rendered by the Care Specialist. This creates the enormous benefits of social engagement and social proof, and further solidifies their presence in the local market as the go to Specialist for medical treatment and service. However, online Reviews are just a subset of a larger component known as “Reputation Marketing“. To learn more on Reputation Marketing and Management click here.

We are primarily focused on Specialty Practices within a 100 miles radius of San Antonio, TX. However, we do have exceptions. If any Care Specialist or Specialty Clinic (located in Texas) is in need of this service, but outside our focused area, should contact us to determine if you qualify as an exception.

In order to enhance the success of your campaign, we have an excellent follow-up service that will keep your name in front of your targeted PCP audience after the completion of your campaign. The key to success is consistency, and in order to get the absolute most out of your 1st Engage campaign, follow-ups are highly recommended.

1st Engage Part II (*100 PCP Minimum) If you do not have either the staff or resources to confidently initiate the recommended follow-ups, we have an effective service that will fulfill this requirement.

Need More Proof? As an alternative, take a look at how costs associated with a single Direct Mail campaign compare to a single 1st Engage Service campaign.

Example ROI

Our Referral Engagement service will help your Specialty Practice reignite your incoming referral stream. Get started by contacting us today (210-826-8900) and find out more on our 1st Engage Service!