My Online Reputation – Why should I care?

When was the last time you made a significant purchase in which you had to choose between one item to another, or one item to not buying at all?  We’ve all done that.  So now that just about everything nowadays can be found digitally online, where do you think just about everyone (including you and me) goes to search for testimonials, reviews or recommendations?  You got it…ONLINE.  And if you know this information, do you think it would be advantageous for you to make certain your business reputation is properly being represented “online“?  The answer is obviously a resounding yes!


Reputation MarketingAll major companies nationally and internationally recognize this.  You as a local business owner that runs either a automotive dealership, medical practice, restaurant, law firm, remodeling business, and many many others must also recognize this is the future that people will research heavily online for the types of product and services they are looking for.  You can bet this will apply even further if the thing they are researching is of a significant cost to them.  You may have let’s say a $500 product offered online and know the product has been properly priced against your competition.  However you can’t figure out why others offering the same product for either the same price or even higher are getting more of the business for that $500 offer.  The reason could be a number of factors, but you can bet at $500 people will be searching on whether the price is right, “and” if there are people out there that: 1) already made the same purchase, 2) how much they paid, 3) who they bought it from, 4) what comments/reviews others have from doing business from that vendor.  Reason #4 establishes that business’ online reputation.

If you’re thinking….“well, I’ve looked online and I did not find any negative comments or reviews on my business so I don’t need to worry about this.”  Well on the surface that may appear to make sense, but again think about it.  If you have an online presence (i.e. name recognition or company website) and no one has posted anything from doing business with you or your business, how is anyone to know it’s advantageous for them to do business with you?  Here’s another way of looking at it.  You’re are out one evening with your significant other looking for a nice place to have dinner and you see 2 restaurants open right next to each other.  One restaurant has no cars parked in their parking lot, while the other has over a dozen cars parked on their lot.  Without knowing anything about either restaurant, “which one are you choosing to have dinner at”?  If you’re like most people, you’re going to go with where the crowd is at regardless if that restaurant with the empty parking lot had the better dining experience to offer.  This is exactly what happens to many business’ that are online.  No online reviews, no online reputation equals people looking elsewhere for the same product or service where consumers have vouched for that business.  Find out now by calling us how your business can be the best choice online when visitors to your website are looking for your product or service.

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