Ringless VoicemailImaging being able to strategically place a voicemail message into your recipient’s cell phone or landline without their phone ever ringing?


With our Ringless Voicemail service, your dealership is able to initiate contact to prospective buyers without ever having to manually place a call. Our “non-intrusive” service allows the ability to place a voicemail message into cell phones and landlines without your recipients’ phones every ringing. The RVM will mimic a missed call and alert the recipient that a voicemail message is waiting which will prompt them to listen to your message.  Our service has a proven response rate of more than 80% since 95% of users check their voice mails daily.

This strategy has proven a solid return on investment! For example, a Ford dealership in the northeastern part of the country purchased 2,200 Ringless Voicemail credits on a “buyback” campaign, and in return made 35 sales!

This service is phenomenal when it comes to generating additional revenue for dealerships. Other methods of RVM uses can be incorporated in the Service Department for oil change reminders, service maintenance, car washes, etc.

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As with automotive, this strategy has enormous upside for the healthcare provider’s ROI.  Imagine being able to send a single message to a specific list of patients in just a matter of seconds? The traditional contact method of calling existing/inactive patients has always been an arduous, mundane effort. Most calls result in bad timing for the recipient, never-ending voicemail talk, being disconnected, etc.  Calling each individual patient on upcoming appointments can take away from the importance of tending to patients already present at your practice.

For example, a PCP can initiate RVM campaigns for yearly immunizations, special offers or discounts, announcements, online review requests, automating call backs that would normally take hours or days to complete, surveys, and so on.  Ringless Voicemail is a strategic angle of marketing your practice in a “non-intrusive” means by contacting new/inactive patients without ever having to manually call each one by one and placing contact. This service allows you the ability to place a voicemail message (from your existing patient list) into their cell phone without their phone ever ringing. By utilizing this service, you can potentially reduce negative responses by giving your patients the necessary time to listen to your message, view their calendars and respond at their leisure instead of the other way around, like many practices still do.

*100% TCPA, FCC and CRTC compliant.

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