Free Social WiFi HotspotThis is a highly effective platform that will capture email addresses or other types of User-ID’s of anyone using your WiFi network. Each captured ID is an invitation to market to this generated list further with future promotions, specials and events. This service will also capture their favorite social media outlets and gather valuable information such as gender, age and hometown. Whether it’s an Automotive Dealership, Medical Clinic or other business that has any amounts of foot traffic into the establishment, this service will create a targeted list and generate revenue.  If you have multiple locations, you can have a Social WiFi Hotspot at each location.  Look at it like having multiple street or highway billboards all over town this is advertising your establishment, creating increased local presence, awareness and once again….revenue.

Opportunities also exist in which you can sponsor multiple Social WiFi Hotspots at other locations that are outside your specific market.

For Example: Partnering up with a local mall, retail store, grocery store chain, sports bar, restaurant, etc. in which they would host the Social WiFi Hotspot device and you provide the sponsorship (i.e. invest in the WiFi device at their location).  Each of these locations have significant amounts of foot traffic each day entering their business, and the majority of people at these locations have their cell phones out wanting or needing to get on the Internet. In addition, the benefits and ROI from the created lists can be significant by creating marketing campaigns focused on the demographics of those utilizing this service.

Starting to see the value?

To view a 2-minute video on our Social WiFi Hotspot service, click here.